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don't always believe what you think

15 October
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"Don't chase after the past,
Don't seek the future;
The past is gone
The future hasn't come
But see clearly on the spot
That object which is now,
While finding and living in
A still, unmoving state of mind."

-the Buddha

"You are perpetually spending your energy in the act of balancing yourself. You are seized with a sort of spiritual vertigo, you totter on the brink, your hair stands on end, you can't believe that beneath your feet lies an immeasurable abyss. It comes about through excess of enthusiasm, through a passionate desire to embrace people, to show them your love. Nobody wants real love. Nobody wants you to put your hand in his sacred entrails-that's only for the priest in the hour of sacrifice. While you live, while the blood's still warm, you are to pretend that there is no such thing as blood and no such thing as a skeleton beneath the covering of flesh. "Keep off the grass!" That's the motto by which people live."

-Henry Miller

I'm sooooooo much cooler than friggin Henry Miller and Bob Dylan.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I'm really cryptic...and cool...

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